So i Bought the Google Pixel

I don’t really consider myself a fanboy when it comes to phone. I have never been one of those people who was deathly loyal to one phone over the other. I loved my Envy when i had it and when it stopped working, i had a good run with the droid phone. For the last five years, i was fairly dedicated to apple and the Iphone cult that seems to follow it.

I never thought that the Iphone was the end all be all of phones, but i owned it. Part of the allure of having the Iphone was because i owned a macbook pro and had a car that was iphone compatible. Having an Iphone was just an ease of convenience at the time, but as of late i have quickly found myself slowly drifting away from being everything Apple.

I have had an iphone for about 5 years now, and it has been good, but i have had some problems. One of the problems i always had with Iphones is that i would eventually have something go bad and have to get a refurbished phone, only to have the refurbished phone go bad in a year or so. This happened once with my Iphone 4 but most recently my Iphone6.

My Iphone six lasted me almost two years with no issues which is a surprise because phones like to just stop working on me. Home button here, Bluetooth there. My phones last between one and two years before they stop working. This time around, My first replacement worked for about three months before it stopped getting a signal. I would have to take the sim card out and put it back in to make it work, the Second replacement lasted a whole 24 hours before the touch screen stopped working. Needless to say i was irritated and decided it was time for a Change.

Before this moment, i had never really considered the google pixel. I knew someone who had one, but I hadn’t really considered it. Had the Samsung Note7 not had catastrophic failures, i would have more than likely bought it, but it’s gone and so i decided to give Google a try and purchase the Pixel.

I was a bit apprehensive about the Pixel as the Phone was made by an outside Company, it still has google’s name on it which is fine. When i first got the phone i was amused by the fact that pulled all my contacts from my gmail account, though they were old ones that i no longer used was a downfall. Once i got the correct contacts from my Iphone put in and the old numbers i no longer needed removed i was on my way.

The first thing i noticed about the Pixel was how useful that fingerprint reader on the back is. I have to say that it is the easiest and most convenient way to open my phone. The one downfall to this lock setup is that it gives you several options for alternative locks. This keypad and the pattern lock. The only thing i don’t like about this is i have yet to find a way to reset my password. I am not a big fan of the pattern lock and so far nothing i can do allows me to reset it. I have tried several times and can’t figure out the reset.

That brings me to my first con about the Pixel. The settings in the phone seem to be a bit limited in the Pixel. Granted i am comparing this to the iphone, but it just seems like Google tried to make the settings as basic as possible at the sake of people who are a bit more tech savvy like myself. Another thing about this phone is that notifications seem to be turned on for everything which gets a bit annoying in the drop down when you have a bunch for stuff you never use.

Another thing that kind of bothers me is their Alarms, its nice, but it seems a bit clunkier than the Iphone. It seems a big rougher and harder to set up the day’s you want it to go, but its not a huge complaint. One of the things i do like about the Phone is some of the apps, though i wish it had a fitness tracker like Iphones, though i did notice that there is quite a lot of bloatware on the phone that i will never use, though they do let you  remove it if you don’t want.

Widgets is another nice thing to have on this phone, I can have weather, date, time, and my data usage all on the home screen. One thing that i also like is when i unlock my phone, it opens up to the last app that i used and everything seems to load rather fast which makes me bouncing through things rather quickly. Both camera’s seem to be very vivid, and i have to say the screen on the Pixel seems so much brighter and has better color than that of the Iphone. Sometimes i bump the volume button when i mean to hit power but it happens and i adjust. The screen capture is a bit weird, but all in all its still not too bad.

The one thing that i really wish the Pixel had was a better rating against water and dust. I carry my phone everywhere and sometimes i am working on various projects that can kick up a lot of dust. I realize that a good case prevents this, but its still nice having a phone that can withstand some extra water in your worst case scenario.

I wish that my iphone worked better with my car, but it still seems that my car refuses to accurately connect with any phone, regardless of how much i prefer hands free. All in all the Pixel is a good phone, i wish the 128gb was out sooner, or at least expandable memory, but this phone has my attention, and as long as it holds up for a year or more, then i will be satisfied staying a Pixel user.




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